Why vegan organic you say?

Belgian gourmet chocolate

FOODIES-PLANET® was launched in 2021 as a brand of organic and vegan gourmet products. We love nature, we love our environment and we love a good piece of Belgian chocolate! Combine these three elements together, and you get FOODIES-PLANET®.

Our chocolates are made by a small team of artists and chocolate enthusiasts who devote all their time and effort to creating a real work of art in organic vegan chocolate for you!

We believe that we only have one mother, the earth, and that we should treat her with love and respect. However, we also love our chocolates and sweets. That’s why we mix our honest ingredients with the finest flavours. You can enjoy our products without compromise.

Only the best ingredients

We use only the finest and most delicious ingredients to make our gourmet chocolates. We combine fruit with biscuits and chocolate to create original flavours and products. Our recipes are developed in harmony with nature.

All our cocoa beans come from Congo and the Dominican Republic. By using a mixture of these two beans, we can guarantee a stable flavour and supply. This way we can offer our customers products of the highest quality.

We are continuously innovating and working with the best craftsmen. By maintaining a good and honest relationship with the people who help us create the best chocolate, we share the joy and pleasure of organic vegan chocolate with everyone.